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The Financial Fixer Elixir is a proven recipe for finding the money generating opportunities that are ALREADY in your life so you can bring in the cash you need to afford almost everything your heart desires.

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Income Incantations

Make money in a short period of time… with no sales page, no launch, no marketing funnel, and where no complex technology is required.

Lumos Sessions

Is there a part of your business that need some light shone on it? I can help with that. Get unstuck and take massive action in your business.

Profit Potions

Master the EXACT science of brewing mesmerizing offers that make more clients (and money) materialize in your business!

About Jen

Jen Levitz is a Marketing Mindset Coach, providing strategic automation & marketing consulting to small service-based businesses.

Through her workshops, courses, speeches, and coaching programs, Jen helps her clients to effectively use technology to build strong client relationships and sustainably grow their businesses.

She integrates and optimizes technology systems so that rapidly growing businesses can launch successful marketing endeavors throughout the globe.


Celestial Marketing Academy

Working with Jen is like having a solution maker on your team. She has a knack for hearing your marketing automation and project problems, and offering easy-to-implement solutions that greatly reduce the stress of the entire project.

Jill Celeste, MA

Girl Power Entrepreneurs

Jen Levitz has been an invaluable asset to helping grow my business. You’ve heard the phrase “high-tech, high-touch” marketing? This phrase could have been written to describe Jen.

Lori Hardegree

Step Into Brilliance

Jen is brilliant when it comes to getting to the core of the matter, helping you figure out exactly what you need to be doing next.

Bonnie Copland

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